Kiss me out of desire, but not consolation

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What is it you desire? What gets your shivers turning from delightful spasms into full on muscle thumping as your eyes glaringly search to devour? Do you desire being the one chased, appearing unattainable whilst eyes longingly try to gaze into yours hazy with lust. Creasing a grin showing your dimples as you walk seductively away, your cheek warming into a smirk as you know with each clink of your heel your being watched. Are you the chaser? the one who loves the thrill, sweating feeling your body becoming unresponsive as it pursues its scent and begins to pick up its pace. Maybe you work better under a little pressure, a bad seed or a mediocre need for validation from rejections either way your on route and hailing down anything you can to transport yourself to your desire quicker than your consciousness can keep up. Most roads lead to intimacy and your on the highway chasing its tail, a sudden turn of commitment could slow you down yet excitement of passion around the bend your boosted to continue. She only has to flick her chocolate hair and your knocked back, if you were not stopped in your tracks her green eyes will be enough to pin you temporarily to the floor, you told yourself not to hold your breath your turning blue the way she makes you sweat.

Im not your basic girl, yet its hard to say there is so much more to me than the current lure induced snarl, when the only words that come out never cross my mind before my pursed lips mutter a jumbled form of them, to which a shaky quiver will follow. Life can be such a comedy yet I live for the drama. I want the passion, the lingered kiss, the sway of the hips as I get so close and you teasingly make me miss. You make people feel like their caught in the rain, a smirk as shock mixes with euphoric delight, unfair how even nature is playing along with your enticement. Dropping your eyelids hoping they will follow imitation as you try to reach the goal of juxtaposing lips, their breath tells you how close they are, sexual affection is oozing and yearning has become desperate with your tongue feeling too big for its orifice. Submit to me with that insatiable passion like you did when you realised your too hooked to leave, kiss me with that attitude like you do when your mouth yells it hates me but your tongue screams it cannot wait for me. Your mind is melting fast, your soul is begging for trust, your eyes are whispering please and your anger is portraying lust. Your killing me the way you make me beg.

“She lowered her lashes until they almost cuddled her cheeks and slowly raised them again, like a theatre curtain. I was to get to know that trick. That was supposed to make me roll over on my back with all four paws in the air.”

Lifting one lid you peek to see why your lips feel like their missing the other pair and within a moment the longing departs and everything slows, your witnessing the most innocent form of intimacy as you become one. That is my favorite part of a kiss the gasp just before as you impatiently await your heart to deliver its punch and everything quickens back up. Your one, both engaged completely, enlarging of the pupils kick your thoughts back in touch and you know your on the same page and after the brief breath catching moment the gunfire is shot and lips lock without any intention of inhaling again, your lost and found all in the movement of tongues. Dopamine retracting the simple use of our brains as the only sounds we can make are primal grunts of endorphin fueled pleasure.

Her face and talent gave her plenty of success in previous years yet a new encounter, a fresh experience into known but not ventured territory of adventure. A woman who never over looked erotic opportunity, whose first glance probes every woman’s sensuality and oozing in passionate instinct and experience the delivery would never have to be wondered for long. People spend their whole lives persistent their youth is made of their most passionate times yet this 1950’s vision made of eternal adventure extends this expectation in each glamorous and jaw dropping stride, as you shake on your knees surrendered she reloads with a wink and as soon as you see her perfect chest rise with a breath you know your never going to be the same.

Sensuality if embraced can turn each day to resolve into hundreds of small sensual experiences, a look exchanged in passing, a glowing of her smile, knees brushing together as you sit opposite each other. The energy dissolving into hundreds of such days in which sensuous experience is the constantly flowing, nourishing, inspiring source of life. Be careful, for desiring another person is perhaps the most risky endeavor of all, healthy desire can be the love of the desire rather than obsessing over the desirable themselves or you can alike most humans take a needle and suture your happiness into the veins of that person so any separation will now demand a lacerating injury.

In a world full of turmoil find something to inspire you, whether it be creative or releasing, find a inner smile and create your own light and if needs be take a lantern out and look for your lost self. Drink in moans of want, let low laughter and sexual arousal tangle in your throat, let your heart frantically beat out of your chest and make your passion burn like wild fire as your nerves tingle. My inspiration came to me tonight from someone I watch and admire who projects sensuality like its on tap, her kissing alone makes me walk closer and ache for her lips to cut through my flesh.  Years of a tainted sexual being, stunted unable to reach its peak I found my own form of sexual therapy through seeing the beauty and art of sensuality and intimacy displayed simply by women strongly owning their own skin winking encouragingly for me to follow suit.

There is something about a kiss that has always been appealing to me, its a mark, a seal, a message of how important you can be to someone or a moment. It can reinforce feelings of trust and closeness and is the most prominent form of seduction and sexual stimulation. My evenings inspiration is simply the absence of intimacy and how much I desire a reassuring and affirming kiss.


“A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous.”
Ingrid Bergman

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